10t/h Recycling System for Car Fluff in Australia

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automotive shredder residue (ASR)

End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs)

ASR Recycling Plant 3D Design

ASR Recycling Plant 3D Design

Auto Shredder Residue-Brisbane-client case

Panoramic view of ASR Sorting Plant


EJET MAGNET®-Your trusted ASR recycling equipment manufacture

Recovery of automobile shredder residues by EJET® (ASR-SLF-SHF)

Improving the recycling rate of end-of-life vehicles is a hot concern for the automotive industry worldwide. In end-of-life car sorting, commonly designed shredder system first. Then, air separation the light fraction, known as the shredder light fraction (SLF). After that, is the heavy items, called shredder heavy fraction (SHF). In the end-of-life car dismantling and recycling process, about 75 percent of automobile materials can recycle, and the remaining 25 percent is fluff.

To begin with manual dismantling of the reusable parts. Further, shredder other parts and separate different metals. In total metal of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) comprises iron, ZORBA, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium alloys, small amounts of zinc, lead, bearing alloys, cast iron materials, etc… about 40 different materials.

Ferrous metals in automobiles account for about 80%. Non-ferrous metals account for about 3%-4.7% of the crushed metal materials. Other crush materials of automobiles are automobile shredder residue. ASR consists of a wide variety of materials, including plastics, glass, rubber, wood, foam, tramp metal, wire, fibers, sand, and dirt.

Customized modular design ready to clean your SLF/SHF material, sieve & separate material, and make you money

EJET® ARS and Scrap Metal processing is a customized modular design. Our robust machines can handle any input ASR material-the residual shredder light and heavy fractions. For any throughput, for any output size after shredder, either set up the new system or system upgrades available. The EJET Zigzag box creates wind to separate the light fraction capable of flight, known as the shredder light fraction (SLF).

Generally, the shredder heavy fractions (SHF) use high-efficiency sieving, manual picking, and automatic picking for integrated fine sorting to obtain valuable components. Uses magnetic separator (including suspension magnets, magnetic head pulleys, magnetic drums, etc. ) to remove coarse ferrous and fine ferrous metal. Choose eddy current sorting (include eccentric eddy current separator, concentric eddy current separator, etc.) to recover non-ferrous in ASR. Like Zorba, fine Zorba, and aluminum. Use different functions of sensor sorter to continue removal of stainless steel and copper wire.

If you are finding the best way to sieve solid waste recycling industries. We high recommend EJET Trommel screen.
The ASR shredded material uses the trommel screen (sieving method) to separate materials. The trommel is also known as a rotary screen. Raw material after shredder to a different size, utilization physical size separate. Undersize material output through the screen, and access to the sorting system. Oversize material exits out at the other end of the drum.

We struggle for entire separation and sorting for every metal in ASR

EJET MAGNET® offers ferrous metal recovery technology for automotive shredder residue (ASR)

Among the metal materials obtained from the dismantling of automobile crusher residue (ASR), steel materials can be separated from other materials by a magnetic separator. This is a relatively simple process. The proportion of non-ferrous metals in automotive shredder residue (ASR) has a high use value.

Our EJET suspension magnet is used to recover magnetic particles from industrial waste etc. and is utilized to protect crushers and belt conveyors that subsequently treat the material. In the same vein, EJET drum magnet has high magnetic strength and is typically placed at the end of the conveyor belt. Save money, time, and labor by reducing downtime and improving quality. They provide maximum protection for mills, crushers, shredders, and related equipment. EJET drum magnets are classified as permanent magnetic drums and electromagnetic drums, both types of drum magnets are effective in separating weakly magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. In the steel scrap recycling industry. EJET electro drum magnetics are commonly used, which contain larger bearings and bearing housings with replaceable wear covers to help extend the life of the drum shell.

EJET® offers non-ferrous metal recovery technology for automotive shredder residue (ASR)

The quality of our eddy current separators has been recognized by customers worldwide. The sorting efficiency of the EJET eccentric eddy current separator is more than 99%., we need to produce nearly 500 ECSs from different recycling industries per year. Eccentric eddy current separator is currently widely used in ZORBA recycling and is a reliable solution for the reuse of non-ferrous metals. Particularly, from scrap car crushing materials. Through a long term accumulated different automotive shredder residue factory design, manufacturing, and production practice experience.

EJET MAGNET studies each influencing factor on the ASR sorting efficiency. In the field of scrap car recycling, the difficult recycling metal is fine fractions. We are dedicated to the process optimization of eddy current separator in industrial applications. We research the new structure of fine particle sorting EJET concentric eddy current separator and ECS automatic control system. In order to recycle the micro-fine aluminum with 1-2mm grain size.

Our ASR premium sorting solutions offer superior removal.

The cleaner your fraction cleaning, the higher the yield, and the more money you make.

We offer a highly sensitive sensor sorter to efficiently separate the best performance for Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR). The non-metallic materials obtained after car dismantling and crushing are glass, fiber, rubber, automotive fluid, plastic, and dirt, mainly glass, plastic, and rubber. Among them, glass can be separated out by the wind sorting method because of its high density. The sorting technology of plastic crushed material is to use the specific gravity and different shape coefficient of plastic crushed material put the crushed plastic crushed material into the gravity screening chamber from the top, and add the airflow of certain strength in the lateral position to separate the plastic and metal materials.

Induction sorting system and Image sorting system combine the intelligence sensor sorter to “check-up” stainless steel, shredder fibers, Zurik, wire chopping, copper wire, and shredder granules.

Every machine is also custom engineered to suit the unique demands of your operation. Design based on handling capacity, material sizes, and factory size

Recently, EJET MAGNET’s three WL-180 and ECS-P160 eccentric eddy current separators, suspension magnets, and drum magnets, trommel screen, induction sorter were sent to an ASR recycling company in Australia to separate non-ferrous metals mixed in ASR, such as aluminum and copper. And the estimated processing capacity can reach 300 tons per day.

Why so much customers choose us?

EJET magnet have provided solution & equipment for more than 30 ASR recycling plants. It stems from our rich experience in home appliance recycling.
Car recycling is very similar to appliance recycling. Since 2006, EJET magnet has been providing technical support for the major appliance recycling industries in China. Initially providing a single piece of equipment, with the continuous accumulation of process technology and experience, we began to provide a complete set of solutions for home appliance recycling in 2011.
That’s why we know scrap recycling so well and have gained the trust of a large number of scrap recycling customers.

EJET® has the experience and proven ability, to offer the ASR recycling technology process.

For technical assistance, expert advice, and more information on the ASR processing recycling system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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