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Automotive shredder residue valuable material recycling

ASR recycling is the result of large quantities of shredding and recycling end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) into different valuable materials.
EJET magnet was signed with an Australia End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) material recycling operator for metal fraction recycling. This plant bought an ASR recycling line.
This ASR recycling company separates metals mixed in ASR, such as aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.
We offer Vibration feeder, Air separator, Suspension magnet separator, Concentric pole eddy current separator, Eccentric pole eddy current separator, Stainless steel separator, drum magnetic separator, Electromagnetic separator, Induction sorting system, Trommel screen, Magnetic separator belt, etc. And the estimated processing capacity can reach 15 tons per hour.

EJET magent offer the metal recycling solutions to improve ASR recycling rate

Why do so many customers choose us?

Through our efficient methods of handling ASR (Waste Recycling), more materials are diverted from landfills and reused. It benefits both the global environment and the economy. Not only meets environmentally friendly but also high-efficiency separation.
Car dismantling & recycling plants can separate cars into plastic, iron, copper, aluminum, glass, rubber, wood, foam, tramp metal and other renewable resources through a whole ASR sorting line.

Car recycling is very similar to appliance recycling.

Both include metal materials (steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, etc.), non-metal materials(rubber, plastic, glass, etc.), and some hazardous metallic materials need to be removed, such as zinc castings, powder metal parts, fluids, lubricants, magnesium castings, and lead. We began to provide a complete set of solutions for home appliance recycling in 2011. That’s why we know scrap(steel scrap, E-waste, automotive shredder) recycling so well and have gained the trust of a large number of scrap recycling customers.

We have provided equipment and solutions for more than 20 ASR recycling plants. It stems from our rich experience in home appliance recycling–EJET magnet provided more than 30 WEEE recycling plants.

The waste motor vehicle recycling project belongs to bulky garbage.

EJET magnet has come up with ways to dismantle, recycle, reuse, and reprocess ASR. Meanwhile, we offer a full range of equipment can sort and separate automotive shredder residue and the recycling is divided into two steps:

Every machine is also custom engineered to suit the unique demands of your operation. Design based on handling capacity, material sizes, and factory size

Project 1: Dismantling

Manually disassemble the engine, gearbox, front axle, rear axle and frame, and “remanufacture” and “resell” the five major parts of the car.

Project 2: Crushing & Shredding

After car bodies are shredded in the automobile demolition industry, Drum electromagnet, Belt, and permanent Pulley Magnets remove the ferrous magnetic metal, Eddy current separator is used to remove the non–ferrous metals (NF).and the induction stainless steel sorter to remove the remaining valuable stainless steel.

Use crushers, magnetic separators, eddy currents and other sporting equipment to recover valuable components in the remaining structure (scrap cars after the above five parts have been removed), including metal substances and non-metal substances.

EJET improve the ASR recycling rate of the overall process

EJET® has the experience and proven ability, to offer the ASR recycling technology process.

For technical assistance, expert advice, and more information on the ASR processing recycling system, please do not hesitate to contact us.