case: Oil cooling electromagnet

Case: Oil-Cooled Electro Magnet for Mining Industries in Indonesia Keywords:  Oil Cooled Electro Overband Magnetic Separator    Overband Separator   self–cleaning units   Mining application   Minerals and Mining Industries Oil Cooled Electro Overband Magnetic Separator remover was purchased for a coal mine [...]

articles: Wet processing of IBA

THE ADVANTAGE OF WET PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR IBA Keywords: IBA Recycling    Incineration Bottom Ash   advantage of wet process    valuable metals recycling solution Wet separation technology is a common process used in slag recycling plants in China. This process not only solves the [...]

articles: Wet vs. Dry Processing of IBA

 Wet vs. Dry Processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash Keywords: IBA (incineration bottom ash) recycling     slag recycling     metal recycling     wet treatment of incinerator bottom ash     dry treatment of incinerator bottom ash This article introduces, the recovery of [...]

articles: About IBA sorting

IBA Sorting in a Waste Incineration Plant Keywords: Incineration Bottom Ash(IBA) Recycling   wet process incinerator bottom ash   metal recycling solution   eddy current separator   magnetic separator IBA is the bottom ash left over from the MSW incineration for power generation Pretreatment of IBA through [...]


EJET Published on the cover of the RESOURCE RECYCLING Keywords: EJET magnet    RESOURCE RECYCLING    Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling    metal recycling solution   eddy current separator   magnetic separator EJET magnet completed the largest Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling Project in Shanghai, [...]

A Utility Model ECS Patent

A Utility Model Patent About Eddy Current Separator ​​​​​​​ We design New Eddy Current Separator EJET magnet design New Eddy Current Separator. This model of eddy current separator is efficient and durable, economical and practical for your recycling industry. Nowadays, this new type of eccentric eddy [...]

Aluminum Chip Pre-treatment

Aluminum Chip Recycling Aluminum chips are collected from the machining operation. Therefore these aluminum chips come from complex sources. Mostly contains other metals, non-metals, water, and oil. If these materials are not removed before melting, it will cause the material composition and performance unqualified. Aluminum chip [...]

What is IBA recycling?

  IBA=Incineration Bottom Ash IBA is the ash output from the MSW incineration power plant. IBA is not waste Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) is a general solid waste with complex composition. The waste contains a fraction of a large amount of iron, non-ferrous metals, and unincinerated residual waste. It [...]

case: Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste

EJET Magnet--Professional magnetic equipment manufacturer  EJET is a high-tech enterprise in China specializing in the production of magnetic separators, eddy current separators, sensor sorters, trommel screens, and other equipment in the field of recycling resources. EJET 's technical team is professional and experienced. Our technical team clearly knows [...]

What is the quality of the eddy current separator determined by?

What is the quality of the eddy current separator determined by?What is the quality of the eddy current separator determined by? Here are the company's professionals to introduce you, I hope our introduction can better help you.First, according to the material to determine whether the selected eddy current separator [...]

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