Eddy Current Separators

Eccentric Eddy Current Separator Model WL-P for Non-Ferrous Separate

Introducing the latest generation of WL-P eccentric eddy current separator.
The WL-P separator with an eccentric rotor is crucial for the development and sustainability of the metal recycling industry, enabling the recovery of purer value products and metal streams from industrial waste.

Experience cutting-edge technology with EJET’s eccentric eddy current separator. With over 18 years of expertise in eddy current technology, we have designed a high-performance solution for separating non-ferrous metals with unparalleled precision.

Iron impurities will not damage the WL-P eddy current separator

The use of WL-P eddy current separator does not require strict control of scrap iron. In other words, there is no need to strictly control the complete removal of iron impurities before feeding. This will be more conducive to a production scale eddy-current separation system maintenance and stable production of recycling plants.
The first thing to mention is that the principle of eddy current separation utilizes materials with different conductivity and eccentric magnetic pole technology to achieve maximum performance and reliability in non-ferrous metal separation.
Combining traditional eccentric magnetic pole design with our patented multiple eddy current design features, the mature technology of the WL-P eccentric model eddy current separating systems easily handles any ferrous-containing mixed waste feed.
In other words, the WL-P eccentric eddy current separator does not require strict removal of iron particles like concentric eddy current separators. This reduces the difficulty of feeding before eddy current separation and significantly extends the lifespan of the separator while reducing maintenance during operation.

Powerful high-speed magnetic rotor system achieves optimal sorting efficiency

Our advanced design integrates top-grade rare earth magnetic materials and high-frequency magnetic rotor components, utilizing eccentric magnetic rotor technology to ensure maximum separation efficiency and processing capacity. These high-performance neodymium-iron-boron magnets are mounted on the shaft, surrounded by the non-metallic shell of the conveyor belt. This allows the rotor to rotate independently and at a much higher speed than the non-metallic shell and belt. Adjusting the rotor position can change the “jumping point” of non-ferrous metals for optimal sorting efficiency.

Widely used in almost every metal recycling industry

Whether you are in the automotive shredding industry, plastic waste recycling, or electronic waste recycling industry, our WL-P separator delivers excellent results.
EJET Magnet WL-P eccentric eddy current sorting is designed to separate non-ferrous metal fragments ranging from 5mm to 300mm in size from product streams. Standard models are available in belt widths ranging from 650 to 2400 millimeters

Custom-Made to your needs

Our custom-made eddy current separators tailored to your exact specifications, offering a range of optional modular unit equipment to suit your needs. Whether it’s incorporating a vibrating feeder, magnetic drum, brush roller, or other modules, we provide OPTIONS to seamlessly integrate into your existing system. Additionally, our custom laboratory eddy current separators are available, ensuring precision and efficiency for your specific requirements.

EJET eddy current separators are globally distributed, showcasing our strength

More than 3000 satisfied customers worldwide trust our eddy current separators to meet their metal separation and recovery needs.
EJET Magnet has been producing eddy current separators for 18 years, offering hundreds of models of eccentric eddy current separators suitable for different recycling fields, processing capacities, and operating conditions, distributed across metal recycling plants throughout China!

Our wealth of experience, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfect attentive after-sales service bring us a steady stream of loyal customers and new friends who come by word of mouth.

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Eccentric WL-P Features

ECCENTRIC pole eddy current separator WL-P model FEATURES
  • Maximize separation efficiency with uniform single-layer feeding facilitated by an optional vibratory feeder, coupled with custom-built feeding and splitter systems for high extraction and optimized recovery of non-ferrous materials.

  • Equipped with ABB® driving motors as standard, with optional SEW® motors, UL, and CSA certified electronic components, and featuring a variable speed control panel for flexible operations using VFDs.

  • Compact and maintenance-free, the integrated drum motor powers the conveyor belt with an IP66 protection rating, ensuring durability and ease of use for operators.

  • High-frequency rotor using high-performance rare earth magnet NdFeB, strong and durable double-layer tubular structure, rotor speed 3000-4000pr/min, belt surface 4500Gs

  • Diverse short conveyor belts, including thin, corrugated, PU, PVC, and rubber varieties. Come in various widths and models. With a cantilever frame design, belt replacement takes just 10 minutes.

  • Our compact integrated design, coupled with specialized surface treatments tailored to various industries, significantly extends equipment lifespan. Additionally, we offer customized colors based on customer preferences.

  • The separation plate, manually adjustable in angle, height, and distance, works in tandem with rotor speed and position to achieve flawless 100% non-ferrous metal separation. Typically crafted from manganese steel or Trespa, these components ensure optimal performance.

Processing of WL-P Eddy Current Sorting

WL-P120 separates 30-80mm clean aluminum from Zorba

WL-120P separates 30-80mm clean aluminum from ZORBA

5-30mm aluminum sorting from white goods

5-30mm aluminum sorting from WEEE white goods

Alu cans sorted with WL-P220

recycling Alu beverage cans from waste MSW with WL-220P

fine stamping waste 1-5mm sorted with WL-P120

fine stamping waste 1-5mm sorted with WL-120P

Customer site showcase

1set WL-P Eddy Current Non-Ferrous Metal Separators in PET Recycling Plant

PET Recycling Plant

WL-P Eddy Current Separators

1 set

4 sets WL-P Eccentric pole Eddy Current System in UPVC Window Frames (Screened) Recycling

UPVC Window Frames (Screened)

WL-P Eddy Current System

4 sets

3 sets WL-P Eccentric pole Eddy Current System in IBA incinerated waste

IBA incinerated waste

WL-P Eddy Current Separator

3 sets

Commitment & Services

EJETMAGNET COMPANY commitment and After-sales service

1 year warranty for the whole machine

3 years warranty for electromagnetic coils

8 years warranty on magnetic performance for permanent magnet equipment

Ejet’s after-sales service promises to respond within 15 min

If issues cannot be resolved via phone or video calls, engineers are available for overseas service

Guaranteed demagnetization rate of magnet material not exceeding 5% over 10 years


Are you the original manufacturer?

Yes, we, EJET, are an official leading manufacturer in Magnetic Equipment in China, and we have the whole series of products you need.

What is the MOQ of your machine?

Our MOQ is 1 set.

Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material’s situation, including the composition, size, handling capacity, and expected separation result.

Which payment terms are available to us?

We accept T/T terms or L/C terms. A 30% down payment is required in advance, and the 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.

Under L/C terms, a 100% irrevocable L/C without ‘soft clauses’ can be accepted.

How long is the machine warranty period?

For magnetic property: 8 years.

For the main engine: 1 year.

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