Magnetic Pulley

High recommended

magnetic pulley

Keeping harmful and dangerous ferrous particles out of the material stream. Importantly, it can be integrated into an existing conveyor belt as a machine component.

magnetic separator belt

Using the magnetic pulley with a conveyor belt, help convey the ferrous tramp back from the end of the conveyor.

HISC high intensity separation conveyor

Use the super magnet to improve the purity of materials. Efficient separation of very small and weakly magnetic pieces of ferrous metal and stainless steel.

HGMS Dry High Intensity Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator

Widely used for selecting weakly magnetic minerals, 2 stainless steel. Improving the purity of materials. High magnetic field strength, low energy consumption.

Ejet®-Your Trusted magnetic pulley professional manufacturer produces nearly 1200 magnetic rollers per year

  • Ejet® designs magnetic head pulleys extremely popular

Magnetic Head Pulley (in other words, magnetic roller or magnetic pulley)
It replaces the drive roll, install at the end of the conveyor belt. Optional ferrite or rare earth permanent magnet as the material. For this reason, no electric power requirements and no maintenance requirements.

Automatic separation system together working with conveyor belt. It provides a uniform magnetic field to remove tramp iron, like iron filings, iron blocks, or other ferromagnetic materials.
As a result, ferrous materials are magnetically held against the belt until carried to the underside of the pulley, pass out of the magnetic field, and are separately discharged. At the same time, non-magnetic material falls away from the pulley at a normal trajectory.

Keep harmful and dangerous ferrous particles out of your processing system. Pulls them away from the main material flow, continuously removing ferrous or product purification.

  • Ejet®’s different versions of magnetic pulleys match different specific applications in the recycling industry

It is suitable for the automatic separation of tramp iron from large quantities of dry materials. That means each version of our magnetic head pulleys can be set up and suitable for your product flow.

For instance: fine ferrous, nails, small steel plates, scrapping cans, iron-containing waste, sand, gravel, limestone, recyclables, wood products, food, grains, chemical, ore, mining, rock products, ceramic, paper, plastic, broken glass, rubber, coal handling, foundry operations, etc. all could ensure maximum separation of ferrous.

Furthermore, the maximum surface magnetic intensity can reach 14000Gauss on the drum surface. It not only separates very small ferrous metal in powder, but also separates weakly magnetic pieces, and stainless steel.

Reach out to our sales team, and we will reply to you within 12 hours. We will help you choose the correct model to match the best solution.

  • Ejet® Magnetic Head Pulleys customized service

After long-term accumulated manufacturing experience, we have many options of magnetic rollers to meet your specific application.

  • Permanent magnetic roller material: Optional ferrite or NdFeB(rare earth magnet)
  • With or without a vibratory feeder: An even feed with maximum separate material
  • Belt width and length: Customizable width and length according to match your applications/drawings
  • Optional frame corrosion-resistant or not: In some industries. Like, Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) corrosion resistance is necessary.
  • Equipped with or without Anti-dust housing: Anti-dust housing provides continuous protection against tramp iron leaps over.
  • Magnetic roller quantities: Customizable a single layer, double, triple, and multi-layer.

Ejet® Magnetic Pulley

If you have a conveyor, the purpose is to purify bulk materials and separate the ferrous material away from other materials. We recommend option a magnetic pulley, replace the head pulley of your conveyor.

Ejet® Magnetic Separator Belt

If you need one conveyor that can automatically remove iron, we recommend the automatic iron removal belt machine. A wide range of diameters, widths, and shaft sizes are available. Customer designs are also available.

Ejet® HISC

Used for selecting weakly magnetic minerals. Extract iron-containing waste, in particular, stainless steel (like springs), and use in wear protection for downstream processes, such as crushers or eddy current separators

Ejet® HGMS

Used in heavy mineral sands processing plants, select weakly magnetic minerals. remove iron from non-metallic materials, and improve the purity of materials. For instance ceramics, granulated slag, iron ores, plastics, silicones, ilmenite, mica, crushed glass, refractory material, high quartz, granite, and talc. To clarify, stainless steel that has been processed through a shredder can become weak magnetic by means of this mechanical deformation.

If you have any tailor-made questions or need a quotation, please feel free to contact us. We will design the best suit magnetic pulley your need with minimal outlay.

In addition, if you want maximum separator from the high volume recycling lines. We sincerely recommend that you combine Magnetic Head Pulleys with Permanent Overband Magnetic Separators.

In other words, under thicker materials, using the Magnetic Head Pulleys in conjunction with a Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator helps maximum convey ferrous tramp from other substances.

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