EJET designs, develops, manufactures and markets eddy current separators, magnetic separators, sensor sorters, AI technology machines for recycling industries had been exported to more than 50 countries.

Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator

With eccentric high-speed magnetic roller for fine copper and aluminum recovery. Use for non-ferrous metal recovery.


The principle is the same as that of eccentric eddy current,  the purpose is different. It is specially designed for the PET industry to purify and screen impurities for PET flake.

dual pass eddy current separator

Ejet magnet designed and manufactured a dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (ECS) that will allow for optimum separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

integration eddy current separator

The Integration ECS Line combines an eddy current separator with a vibratory feeder and drum magnet. The single panel controls the entire compact structure machine.


Non-ferrous metals, iron and other materials can be sorted at the same time. It has strong applicability. It is widely used in UBC recycling.

Mobile Eddy Current Separator

Easy to operate, Easy to move. Can be set up according to the needs of the workplace, suitable for any scene and terrain, with an output material belt machine.

Sensor Sorter

Widely used to separate residual metals from waste flows such as ASR or other shredded residues. Often working after eddy current separator for remove stainless steel and insolation wire.

colour sorting system

Effective use of artificial intelligence image processing and recognition technology, ensures a real-time internal and external “check-up” of each waste item.

Stainless Steel Separator

Widely used for selecting weakly magnetic minerals, 2 stainless steel. Improving the purity of materials. High magnetic field strength, low energy consumption.

permanent drum magnet

Maximum recover ferrous metals, Minimum maintenance. Separate ferrous from moving materials, not necessary to stop.

Electro Drum Magnet

Stationary electromagnetic coils positioned inside the non-magnetic, separate ferrous metal from moving materials.

CTS Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Widely used in the mining industry and coal separate. Suitable for the roughing and selecting of ores, and recovery heavy media in the coal separation process.

Permanent Overband Magnet

Suspended over a conveyor or head pulley to remove ferrous metals. No external power source is required for the permanent magnet.

block magnets-Overband Magnet of Manual Cleaning

Used in plants with low occurrence of ferrous particles. Separate ferrous from moving materials and remove manually when the magnet surface is full.

Oil-Cooling Magnetic Separator of Manual Cleaning

Oil-cooling electromagnet is more suitable for mining applications. Powerful magnetic force, dust proof, water proof.

Air cooling electromagnet

Used to recover magnetic particles from slag, household or industrial waste, foundry sand, etc., separate ferrous impurities.

magnetic pulley

Keeping harmful and dangerous ferrous particles out of process system, or redeeming valuable ferrites from other substances.

High gradient disc dry type Electromagnetic separator

Widely used for concentration and purification of dry products. Specially designed to clean micro iron or para-magnetic material.


As a usually cylindrical or conical revolving screen , used in a variety of applications for screening or sizing such as ASR or other residue like MSW and recovery of valuable minerals from raw rock, ore, or coal.

Vibration Feeder

In bulk material handling, vibratory feeders are used to convey material from one piece of equipment to the next for feeding, sorting and sifting materials evenly and continuously into belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screening and crushing equipment .

Electro Lifting Magnet

Powerful electromagnetic lifter widely used in metal working plants for hoist and transport steel chips,scraps,slabs,ingots,and sheets.the products can be installed either on crane or on excavator which can be powered by either generator or factory’s electricity.

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Rare earth magnetic lifter widely used for lifting round steel material and steel plate material and searching metal objects in tanks or places that are difficult to access .The metallic particles in oil and other liquid medium can also be separated .

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter

The magnetic manhole cover lifter allows you to quickly and safely remove or replace heavy steel construction manhole lids or geometry by yourself. Design minimizes strain on back / body and eliminates the use of pry bars.

Magentic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper is ideal for quickly and easily picking up dangerous ferrous scrap metals, widely used in the working site of large parking, metallurgy, casting,equipment manufacture,from concrete to asphalt, over shop floors, carpet , street and even gravel and grass.

Drawer Magnet

Provide excellent equipment and product protection of medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry, free flowing products under gravity flow. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow.

pipeline magnetic filter

It is used in fluid materials with different viscosity, as fluid and semi-fluid, to remove iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles, so as to keep the materials clean.

Grate Magnet

A versatile, powerful, magnet designed specially for odd shaped, round, oval or round cornered hoppers.offer excellent protection from metal contamination.

Magnetic Bar

magnetic bars remove very fine metal particles and even weakly magnetic particles, as originating from machined stainless steel and iron oxides, from product streams.

Permanent Magnetic Stirrer

The working of the permanent magnet could produce an alternating magnetic field for stirring and mixing the non-ferrous metal molten to speed up the melting speed, improve the melting efficiency, lowering the burning loss.


In heavy-medium separating system, the ferromagnetic mineral powder can easily form conglomeration with rapid sedimentation and poor stability.Constant Magnetic Field Demagnetize can remarkably slower the medium sedimentation and improve stability.

Rotation Grate Magnet

Rotary Grate Magnet are widely used in field of chemical,food, refractory, which are designed for removing ferrous from powder or graininess materials, especially for those high viscosity or poor fluidity materials that is prone to caking or bridging.

Skip Bin

There are different skip bin for different waste disposal project , are ideal for removing old or broken unwanted material in home Renovation , Industrial Clean Ups , Rubbish Removals,  Transporting Building Materials and Much More.