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Recovery of PET plastic by EJET®

The presence of harmful metals in scrap plastic is a critical concern for plastic granulation and plastic flake recycling businesses. Thus, devising efficient methods to separate such metals is essential in enhancing plastic recycling efficiency.

To achieve the best sorting effect, Ejet magnet provides different recycling (waste bottle recyclingPET flake recycling ) customers with different quality levels of PET high-efficiency sorting solutions. We offer a wide range of Permanent Overband Magnet, stainless steel separators (HICS), concentric pole eddy current separators, drawer magnets, and other magnet applications to build the best separation line. Not only offer the most competitive price but also customize according to your drawings.

Solutions Tailored for Our Clients

With 18 years of expertise in metal recycling, EJET Magnet in-depth technical customization for the characteristics of different industries and various scenarios.

By implementing EJET’s metal separator system into your PET plastic washing line, you’ll experience a significant boost in efficiency and obtain superior quality, clean plastic flakes. Our goal is to provide the very best solutions for our clients, aiding in the acquisition of high-quality, manufacture-ready polymers.

Transforming plastic waste into new plastic pellets necessitates the elimination of all metals and other impurities. Metals typically found in plastic waste comes from components like aluminum caps, aluminum pull tabs, iron lids, stainless steel spring check valves, and foil labels. Diverse recycling equipment is required to remove these different types of metals.

By EJET MAGNET integration of these four technologically advanced systems, we fouce on the meticulous magnetic metal separate process used to ensure the absolute removal of metal impurities in recycled plastics, ultimately leading to a cleaner, purtiy PET flake.

Eradicate All Metals from PET Flakes

Magnetism Remove Iron Part

To tackle black metal debris, including elements like iron caps and fine particles of iron, machinery such as de-ironers, magnetic pulleys, box-type magnetic drums, and magnetic grates are employed. These tools meticulously comb through the waste, successfully extracting ferrous metals, leaving you with cleaner raw materials.

grate magnets remove iron from pet flake
enclosed drum magnetic separator remove iron
pulley magnetic separator remove iron

High-Frequency Eccentric Eddy Current Separator Specifically Designed for Flake Recycling

To separate non-ferrous metal contaminants from plastic fragments, high frequency concentric eddy current separator specifically designed for plastic flake recycling is the go-to choice. Whether it is aluminum rings or caps, or even tiny aluminum shards ground down to 2mm, Eddy Current Separators effectively sieve them out, ensuring top-quality output.
concentric pole eddy current separator for fine aluminum in plastic flake process
remove aluminum in pet flake

Powerful Magnetic Conveyor Remove Weak Magnetism Part

For ferrous metals exhibiting weak magnetism, such as stainless steel springs and fragments of 302-grade low-magnetic stainless steel, the recycling process utilizes powerful magnetic selection techniques. The operation involving high-strength magnet three-stage strong selection ensures the successful separation of these metals, ensuring higher quality reclaimed plastics.

powerful magnetic conveyor remove stainless steel spring
high gradient magnetic separator
Ejet magnet High Intensity Separation Conveyor for stainless steel

Metal Detectors

The final line of defence in the metal removal system is metal detectors. Multiple detectors monitor the metal removal rate, offering further assurance that recycled PET (rPET) is 99.9% free from any metal contamination. These industrial goldmines of technology uphold the integrity of the recycling process, guaranteeing that the waste transformed is ready for a second life as premium plastic pellets.

Concentric ECS from PET Flakes

SG ECS for waste bottle recycling

Vibration Feeder for PET Flakes

assurance that recycled PET (rPET) is 99.9% free from any metal contamination.

EJET® HISC is a super magnet for the perfect separation of stainless steel. It is able to extract precisely the stainless steel present in our customer material even if it is very small in size. EJET® Suspension Magnet could help you remove ferrous metal from conveyed material. EJET® Concentric-ECS could help you separate non-ferrous metals from PET bottle flakes. Metal detector provides a safe, reliable, and efficient solution for detecting and separating metal content in plastic granules, which aids in maintaining granule purity and minimizing production equipment damage.

The equipment list provided above paints a comprehensive picture of a standard process for eliminating metal impurities during plastic recycling. Since different customers have varying production capacity and processing requirements, the metal removal system plans must be custom designed.

Our Concentric Pole ECS- HOT RECOMMEND

EJET MAGNET® magnetic separator equipment is also excellent for purification in the plastic industry. These machines can effectively remove aluminum, copper, iron, and other high-value metals from PET plastic (bottles) recycling streams. We can help our PET plastic customers with non-ferrous (minimum 2mm) and fine ferrous removal from waste shredded plastic before granulation.

Concentric Eddy Current separators for this type, the magnetic rotor is mounted in the middle of the revolving drum. This results in a large separation angle which is desirable for some product types.

This type of separator can easily be used in product flows that are almost or entirely free of iron and only contain non-ferrous metals. It is more suitable for smaller size particles

Using Eddy Current Separator to separate non-ferrous metal impurities from recycling PET bottle flakes. The efficiency of the Ejet magnet eddy current separator is more than 99%, the removal rate of aluminum flakes in one sorting is more than 90%, and the rate of bottle flakes taken out is less than 0.2%. The Right picture is the physical photo of the sorted aluminum flakes, the minimum size of the sorted aluminum flakes is about 2mm.

We have supplied recycling systems for more than 30 PET bottle recycling factories to recover metals

EJET MAGNET® has been trying to recycle these “misplaced resources”. Provide customers with efficient sorting solutions for different quality grades of PET. For technical assistance, expert advice, and more information on the PET processing recycling system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The key to perfect recycling waste bottles is to make a”cradle to cradle” system. That means “perfect recycling” is a circular approach. Taking raw materials to produce products, after that, taking the post-consumer PET bottles to raw materials.

In other words, it is an “eliminating PET waste” system. We have the right machines, the best technology, and a lot of experience in recycling PET to make your various plastic streams metal-free. After long-term accumulated manufacturing experience, Ejet® is your trust PET recycling equipment manufacturer. We design two recycling options for sorting bottles. One the one hand is recycling PET bottles, and on the other hand, is recycling PET flakes & plastic (similarly, PP scrap, PA scrap, PVC scrap, ABS scrap, UPVC scrap, POM flake, etc.)

Why should you choose EJET magnet?

We have collaborated with numerous plastic recycling giants, both within China and internationally. We have facilitated decontamination systems for clients like BORETECH and CEVILLE in China, and our presence can be seen on plastic recycling sites in Korea, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States.

We strive to be your collaborative partner for all your recycling needs.

Once you have any questions, you can directly send messages to me and I’ll try my best to help you!

If you tell us what you want, we will be happy to tell you how we can meet the goal

Thailand** Chemical Fiber Company Installed in 2019, the equipment model ECS150A*2, production line capacity 6000kg/h.

Thailand 6t/h

CHINA 6t/h PET plastic recycling System

Zhenjiang, China 6t/h

Philippine **Recycling Company Installed in 2021, equipment model ECS100A*2, production line processing capacity 3000kg/h

Philippine 3t/h

Guangdong** Recycling Company, China Installed in 2017, model ECS150A, production line capacity 3000kg/h.

Guangdong, CHINA 3t/h

ECS for PET Recycling(1/2)

ECS for PET Recycling(2/2)

Customer working site in Japan

What is PET plastic recycling?

The amount of recyclable materials in the waste bottles is large, almost 100% recyclable. The waste recycling research institute reports that PET is one of the most used plastic packaging materials in the world.

As people’s consumption level increases, bottled water consumption is huge. The manufacture and use of bottles are also increasing dramatically. Recycling bottles not only return more resources but also reduces environmental pollution.

How to recycle waste bottles?

Waste PET bottles are not a waste. PET can be recycled and heated into a variety of sustainable packaging.

Bottle processing and cleaning are mainly divided into Collection, Separation, Transportation, Processing, Washing & Decontamination, Pelletizing, Reforming, Recycling

sorting, crushing, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, sorting, and other steps.

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