Demagnetizing Coil

In heavy-medium separating system, the ferromagnetic mineral powder can easily form conglomeration with rapid sedimentation and poor stability.Constant Magnetic Field Demagnetize can remarkably slower the medium sedimentation and improve stability.

Demagnetizing Coil

In a heavy-medium separating system, after wet drum magnetic separators to the recovery of pulps containing magnetic solids.
The only amount of individual particles forms magnetic floes.
Such as precision ground, honed or machine steel is often magnetized.
The Ejet demagnetizing coil will remove magnetism, remarkably slower the medium sedimentation, and improve stability. Constant Magnetic Field Demagnetizer is applied to break aggregated ferrous particles in magnetic separation, to improve dual-stage classification efficiency.

Product Features

1) Non-magnetic pipe made of special sturdy material protective surface, will protect magnetic field in coil inside from harm.

2) The magnetic high-intensity coil generated is a high-frequency alternating, step-winding design, that decreases along the axle.

3) Ore pulp running through the pipe is magnetized in both directions.

4) Demagnetize individual remanence in the ferrous particles/materials, reduced gradually to none.

5) Easy installation, compact structure, lightweight, and no maintenance required.

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