DPECS Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator

EJET designed and manufactured a Dual-Pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS) that will allow for optimum separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

A compact and highly standardized modular system with a high degree of automation. DPECS a floor area of 6 to 7 square meters is sufficient, one set is enough (see lift Fig).

(DPECS model selection depends on plant size and local conditions).

dual pass eddy current separator

We design Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS) used for complete metal recovery. Designed and manufactured a dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS) that will allow for optimum separation of non-ferrous metals. Eddy current separators are now widely used in varied recycling industries, but the existing technical solutions all use a single-rotor single-layer structure.

In order to improve the sorting rate of the appealed materials, it is necessary to use two eddy current separators in series to achieve the purpose. A dual-pass process where the material passes through the second Eddy Current Separator providing a clean, high-quality end-product.

AUTOMOBILE SHREDDER RESIDUE – also called shredder fluff /ASR /SHF /SLF

After car bodies are shredded in the automobile demolition industry, Drum electromagnet, Belt, and permanent Pulley Magnets remove the ferrous magnetic metal, Eddy currents are used to remove the non-ferrous metals (NF).and the induction stainless steel sorter to remove the remaining valuable stainless steel

Eddy-Current separators remove all kinds of non-ferrous metals and NF-alloys such as aluminum, steel, copper,  brass, gold and silver from non-metallics such as foam, plastic and carpeting found for instance from Waste (C&I / C&D / RDF / MRF municipal recycling facility/ WTE); construction and demolition waste; WEEE (electronic waste scrap); scrap metal; shredder-residue (ASR / SHF / SLF / Fluff); IBA (Incineration Bottom Ashes); municipal solid waste facility (MSW )biomass, wood, compost, paper, glass, rubber, plastics, UBC reclamation and other recyclables.

New Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator

With a high gauss at the belt’s surface, a large number of magnetic poles running at higher RPMs creates ultra high-frequency changes,  Ultra High-Frequency (UHF)Eddy Current Separator used for recovery of ultra-fine aluminum, copper and other nonferrous fines materials that missed by traditional eddy current separators on Auto-shredding recycling (ASR). the eddy rotor of UHF ECS combination of designed to produce exceptionally resulting superior separation of fine nonferrous and even bare copper wire.

• This Two-pass UHF Eddy Current Separator for optimum recovery of aluminum copper and other nonferrous small particle sizes fines materials and even bare copper wire from Waste Incineration  Bottom Ash (IBA)
• with a Large Number of Frequency Changes, High-Speed Rotary and Strong Magnetic Field Rotor, this innovative new model with superior recovery performance.
• typically suit for Waste Incinerator WI Bottom Ash IBA from burning waste (such as residual MSW, commercial, industrial and RDF), fine-grained PET PlasticPolymer recycling, Foundry Residues Ash, ICW InsulatedCopperWire processing and ASR Auto Fines scraps recycling that the nonferrous metallics fines may miss on traditional eddy current separators.

Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator


  1. The space of one device has the effect of combining two devices.
  2. Reduces the purchase cost of users for two sets of machines in line.
  3. Small space occupation, low equipment cost, high sorting efficiency, and convenient maintenance.
  4. There are viewing windows on both sides, which can be opened and closed freely and have a beautiful appearance;
  5. With two-way lifting ears, which are easy to install and disassemble;
  6. Combined without interfering with each other, the material can jump out along the same outlet.

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