DPECS Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator

EJET proudly introduces the Dual-Pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS). Expertly designed and manufactured, this innovative system optimizes the separation of non-ferrous metals, taking efficiency to a new level. Sepcially used in fine aluminum (min 1-2mm) recovery.

Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS) Schematic Descrption


Rotor Speed


Effective Belt Width


Belt Speed


Drive Power









Dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (DPECS) Specification


Dual-Pass Eddy Current Separator feature


Ultra-high Frequency Effectiveness
DPECS delivers supreme frequency sorting effectiveness, achieved by lining up two exceptional EJET concentric/eccentric Eddy Current Separator units. It exhibits a high intensity magnetic field of more than 4300Gs on the belt surface and a formidable rotation speed on the magnetic roller, up to 4000 rpm. The robustly constructed, enclosed, stacked design ensures stable operation, promising that all materials will pass through both machines unimpeded, hence delivering outstanding sorting efficiency within a minimal space requirement. This is particularly helpful in existing operational sites, effortlessly addressing any potential issues resulting from space constraints.

Nylon Brush Rollers
The DPECS is especially beneficial in the field of wet process incinerator bottom ash recovery. In an effort to enhance the sorting efficiency, we’ve fortified each laver of the Eddy Current Separators with robust densely arranged, acid and alkali resistant and highly durable nylon brush rollers, installed directly under the belts. These are specifically purposed for efficiently sweeping away the moisture-laden materials that stick on the belt surface.
Our cleaning brush roller offers two distinct modes: automatic adjustability and no adiustment setting. Automatic adjustability feature that can be altered vertically (up and down).

Dual-Pass Eddy Current Separator SAVE SPACE only 6-7square metres


Only 6-7 m²
Enjoy the functionality of two devices within the space of one, the DPECS. With its compact, highly standardized modular system, you need only a floor area of 6 to 7 square metres, for a high degree of automation.

Only 2 Exits
The system enables streamlined maintenance, as the material is designed to exit through the same outlet, making the process seamless.

Dual-Pass Eddy Current Separator low price and convenient maintenance


DPECS boosts your asset utilization while keeping overheads in line. It combines two sets in line, without any interference, offering an outstanding sorting efficiency in a small footprint. Convenient and cost-effective, it markedly brings down your investment cost, requiring just one unit instead of two.


Automatic Oil lnjection Technology
Our high-speed bearings utilize automatic oil injection technology, providing complete auto lubrication. This robust feature amplifies the durability and reliability of our product while easing maintenance worries and promoting substantial manpower and resource savings.

Visualized Work Status
Aesthetically pleasing, it comes with viewing windows on both sides that freely open and close, bringing both transparency and elegance to your workspace.
Additionally, it features bi-directional lifting ears for ease of installation and disassembly, delivering maximum benefit with minimum hassle.


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