Eddy Current Separators

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Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator

Eccentric Eddy Current Separators are primarily utilized in waste recycling industries for the efficient separation and recovery of non-ferrous metals from mixed material scrap.


Concentric Eddy Current Separators efficiently extract non-ferrous particles down to 2mm, ideal for PET plastic contaminant removal and small aluminum recovery.

dual pass eddy current separator

New type of dual-pass process eddy current separator (DP-ECS) takes up only 6㎡ of space while offering a high recovery rate of 99%. This solution is particularly beneficial in the field of wet process Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) recovery, revolutionizing productivity and efficiency.

integration eddy current separator

The Integration Eddy Current Separation Line compact structure combines ECS with a vibratory feeder and drum magnet. The single panel controls the entire machine.


Non-ferrous metals, iron and other materials can be sorted at the same time. It has strong applicability and It is widely used in bottle recycling field.


Mobile Eddy Current Separator

Easy to move, can be set up according to the needs of the workplace, suitable for any terrain and scene, with output material belt machine, easy to operate.

eddy current separator for laboratory

Ejet magnet offers custom-designed help to many research institutions and universities purchase small laboratory equipment to meet the needs of experimental teaching.

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ECS=Eddy Current Separator

Ejet® designs and manufactures Eddy Current Separators for maximum recovery and best separation effectiveness in any size you may need with any application you may want.

Different designs of our ECS (the size, shape, magnetic field strength, and a number of magnetic poles ) cover several applications.

We understand different applications’ diverse needs.

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Ejet® ECS Application

Ejet® ECS are designed for maximum separation jobs in the recycling industry.

Different designs of Ejet® ECS (the size, shape, magnetic field strength, and a number of magnetic poles ) cover several applications.

ASR–C&D–IBA–WEEE–MSW–Mining & Minerals Processing–PET Plastic Recycling–GLASS Recycling–Commercial Waste–Refuse Derived Fuel–UBC Recycling–Waste Recycling (packaging, black plastics, compost, wood, paper, etc.) non-ferrous removal for separation or product purification.

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