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Glass has the characteristics of being recyclable and non-polluting. Most waste glass is discarded with garbage, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment. Melting a ton of waste glass, energy consumption is 75% less than using raw materials. Therefore, waste glass is a recycled renewable resource. Glass scraps system can save energy, save resources, be low-carbon, and be environmentally friendly. Glass raw materials mix waste glass which contains impurities that can affect the quality of glass products. So must remove impurities from the waste glass. such as metal, paper, gravel, ceramics, and other impurities.

The treatment of recycled waste glass is to collect the contaminated waste glass and then concentrate on processing to get the qualified broken glass that can be used for glass production. The general process is, Cleaning the contaminated glass, Crushing it to a suitable particle size according to requirements, and Using manual sorting and automatic separation technology to sort large and small impurities.

EJET MAGNET® offers metal recovery technology for waste glass recycling

Recovery of glass bottle & flat glass by EJET®

The waste broken glass turns into glass raw materials, and must remove metal, paper, gravel, and ceramics from it. Sorting of large sizes, such as wooden boards, metal pieces, ceramic fragments, etc., manually by sorting workers. Then sorting of small size and light materials using our equipment.

Use our magnetic separator (such as suspension magnet, drum magnet, and magnetic pulley)  first to recover ferrous materials. Then using the trommel screen separate raw materials into several sizes (about sieved into 3~4 kinds ) to help to sort. Sorting of used PET bottle caps by automatic sorting machines. With the help of concentric pole eddy current separator and eccentric pole eddy current separator to separate non-ferrous. In particular, the concentric pole eddy current separator is able to sort the minimum size of aluminum flakes is about 2mm.

After the eddy current separator, enters the induction sorting system to detect. Sorting by compressed air attraction. Such as weakly magnetic pieces of ferrous metal, including stainless steel, electric cables, and wired glass. Because of the color glass contains gold, silver, selenium, cadmium sulfide, etc. . These are expensive or scarce raw materials. Use the color sorter to check transparency, all opaque materials can be identified last. In this way, glass scrap after the process becomes pure different color glass, which can be sent directly to the glass plant for raw material.

We could supply automatic sorting and separation technology, bringing glass recycling industries more efficient work

More than 30 waste glass recycling companies remove metal choose EJETMAGNET

We are factory and we have supplied recycling systems for more than 30 GLASS bottle recycling factories to recover metals. It is not only efficient but also an affordable system. Because EJETMAGNET is the separating equipment manufacture factory. So be able to give you a very attractive “price/performance” ratio.

Whether eddy current separator or magnetic separator or sensor sorter, we all designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per the glass bottle recycling/flat glass recycling company’s needs. ECS can remove loose metal particles (such as aluminum caps and iron caps from used beverage bottles). Magnetic separators can separate iron, for example, remnants of metal rings and iron hoops (from the bottle necks). Our sensor sorter could even be used to extract stainless steel springs (also from the bottle necks) or iron wires contained in the wire glass.

Based on the guaranteed quality, we have many successful waste glass recycling industry cases. Such as, proud of our eddy current separator and suspension magnet in Thailand glass recycling company, used from 2014 until now still in working.

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