Grate Magnet

A versatile, powerful, magnet designed specially for odd shaped, round, oval or round cornered hoppers.offer excellent protection from metal contamination.

Description :

Powerful Permanent Grade Magnets often located in the middle of free-flowing powders and granulates products fitting the hoppers or bins to capture the very fine magnetic and weakly magnetic ferromagnetic contamination, Even stainless steel scrapings can be captured

Principle :

Ceramic or High Intensity Rare Earth grate magnet Manufactured to any size or shape, simply placed in the hopper to rest against the sides thus allowing the materials to flow through the grid.

Structure :

consist of several very powerful neodymium magnetic bars.


1. Material SS304, SS316 and SS316L seamless steel tube .Well polishing and welding to meet food grade
2. Working Temperature: Standard working temperature is≦80℃, but if high temperature is required, we can offer up to 350℃ to meet your special applications
3. Various designs available. Standard type, Easy clean type, one layer, multilayer
4. Also takes customers’ designs. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled.


Grate magnet often install in the hopper of the injection moulding machine, for protection of installation or as final inspection of your product, etc .widely in food, pharmaceutical, ceramics ,plastics and other industries grain, flour, sugar, powders, pigments, chemicals and granular plastic processing.

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