High Intensity Electromagnetic separator

EJET`s high degree electromagnetic separator are specially design to clean micro iron or para-magnetic material for purification and concentration of dry products with powerful magnetic recovery.

Description :

The high degree of selectivity achieved by this rang of dry disc magnetic separators produces exceptionally clean magnetic fraction with high magnetic recovery specially design to remove micro iron or para-magnetic material(such as tin, tungsten, tantalum silica, sulfur dioxide, stainless steel ) from mineral and other dry material.

Principle :

Dry feed material (e.g.Tin, tantalum ore ) is discharged from a hopper with vibration feeding devices and adjustable gate . The even and Mon-layer material is evenly fed onto a thin conveyor belt that under the rotating high-intensity magnetic discs.  Whilst underneath the magnetic discs, magnetic particles are attracted to the high-gradient magnetic zones and carried to the discharge chutes by the rotating discs .  Scrapers that are mounted on each of the chutes ensure the total discharge of the extracted magnetic particles. Any feed material that is non-magnetic will pass under each of the three discs and discharge at the end of the conveyor.

Structure :

Typically,elements of a Magnetic Disc Separator will including the vibration feeding hopper ,conveyor belt motor, disc motors and coil circuits .

feature up to three high-intensity electromagnetic discs, each set at a different height from a feed conveyor.  The first disc will be set the furthest from the feed material, in order to extract only the most magnetically susceptible particles.  The second and third discs are set at lower gaps, increasing the magnetic force at each disc and therefore separating different grades of magnetic material. Magnetic intensity can also be further adjusted by varying the current of each coil to suit each client’s specific mineral separation requirements.


1.Robustness, high efficiency, optimum performance and durability. easy maintenance

2.Wide range of models and sizes to cater for different applications and capacities , there having Single or muti separation zone can be provided for maximum separation performance .

3.This unique compact construction suitable for use in high-volume applications,Allows for maximum recovery of ferrous metals particle

4.High performance magnet design for providing effective and efficient method of metal recovery

5.Deep field magnet systems penetrate through product burden and remove maximum amount of ferrous metal

ModelDiscs QtyMagnet DiameterBelt WidthOverall Dimension
Ship SpaceWeight


For dry, granular heavy mineral sands` upgrading such as staurolite , ilmenite , garnet , monazite , wolframite-Cassiterite  , columbite-tantalite ect


Removal of minerals of low magnetic susceptibility from cassiterite , zircon , scheelite , rutile ,tungsten, tantalum alloy etc .

Purification of silica/quartz sands for glass-making industry and abrasives.

Rejection of magnetic impurities from precious gem stone concentrates

Reduction of iron bearing contaminates from granular feed stocks

Extraction of iron oxides in food processing, pharmaceutical and abrasive industries


Used for different of dwarf .

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