Induction Sensor Sorter for stainless steel composite metal wire glass copper wires and other metal separation

Induction Sorting System

EJET`s induction sorting system uses air eject separate for all metals, accurately optimized for stainless steel and copper wires, including very small particles. The system of EJET is highly precise and versatile, engineered with different option ranges which increases recovered metals quantity and sorted valuable materials quality.

Precise sorting system using NIR X Ray and Metal Detection Stainless steel waste recycling machinery

Description & Working Principle:

The induction sorter is detecting the inductive metal such as copper, aluminum, Zinc, Lead,  stainless steel, print circuit board(PCB) and insolation wire, etc through the imbed induction sensor under the belt. With a high-pressure valve connected to one line of the nozzle after the high-speed belt, eject those detected objects, the inductive sensor could be adjusted through software via the screen.

Sensor Sorter normally being installed after eddy current to recover metals that cannot be separated by magnetic separators or Eddy current separators, like stainless steel, insolation wire, composite metals, etc.


1. Advance hardware worldwide

2. Advance software and pneumatic system

3. Excellent performance guarantee in terms of high purity and high recovery rate

4. Higher throughput than similar equipment

5. Adjustable inductive to adapt different metal sorting

Metal separation glass recycling minerals stones circuit
Induction Sorting System Main application

Stainless steel in shredder downstream
Insolation wire
Metal in the bottom ash,
Shredded/grinded waste
Plastic waste
Electronic scrap
Wood chips
Glass waste
Bulk material