Magentic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper is ideal for quickly and easily picking up dangerous ferrous scrap metals, widely used in the working site of large parking, metallurgy, casting,equipment manufacture,from concrete to asphalt, over shop floors, carpet , street and even gravel and grass .


Magnetic Sweepers are made up of strong permanent magnets which magnetically sweep the scrap metal laying about without any fuss and the rubber wheels that come with the Magnetic Floor Sweeper make for easy movement.

EJET magnet Magentic Sweeper


With just a pull of the rod, all trapped material is released  Its magnet grabs an enormous amount of steel debris that is easily removed by pushing down on the release lever. Durable and long-lasting all-weather aluminum housing construction won’t rust or deteriorate in wet, damp, conditions.


  • Extra-wide sweep head for a quick clean up
  • Permanently charged magnets.No replacement or recharging necessary.
  • Light weight easy to handle and lift.
  • Unique Magnet release system for fast removal of debris
  • Industrial Magnet Constructed of heavy gauge steel and aluminum
  • Permanent magnetism is guaranteed.

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