Magnetic Liquid Filter

It is used in fluid materials with different viscosity, as fluid and semi-fluid, to remove iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles, so as to keep the materials clean.

Description :

Magnetic Liquid Filter are made up of either Ceramic or High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets.

Ideal for capture iron particles and even weakly magnetic contamination from products in liquid/slurry pressurized pipes.with no appreciable pressure drop or reduction in flow rates.

Principle :

Ferrous contamination is magnetically extracted from the liquid flow by the extremely powerful Rare Earth magnet design and held firmly on the cartridge surfaces.

Structure :

The Liquid magnetic filter is made from permanent magnet bars,304/316 stainless steel sump-type housing and sleeves of the easy-cleaning type.


1. equipped with powerful rare earth magnets with powerful magnetic intensity, the strongest could be more than 12000GS.

2. The filter can be used in any line that processes liquids at all viscosity levels and can be installed horizontally, vertically, or on an angle without affecting their magnetic efficiency. powerful resume, easily operate and rare maintenance

4.304 or 316L stainless steel structure.

5. All kinds of sizes could be designed as required.

6. Maximum working temperature from  -80 °C to 200°C


Magnetic Liquid Traps are extremely versatile and are subsequently used in a wide range of applications including:
1. Food processing (in a sanitary design): Molten chocolate; Baby food; Soups;Sauces; Tinned foods; Pet food; Jam, syrup, pastes, juices etc
2. Recycling;
3. Ceramics: Slips; Glazes; Hydraulic oils; Coolants
4. Paper and Cardboard

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