Ejet® Magnetic Head Pulley

Ejet® Magnetic Separation Pulley is a rotary magnetic belt.

It can be efficient in separating magnetic materials.

Keeping harmful, dangerous ferrous particles out of your processing system.

And redeeming valuable ferrites from other substances.


Ejet offers a uniform permanent magnetic pulley that turns a conveyor belt into a powerful self-cleaning magnetic separator.

Magnetic Pulley automatically removes unwanted iron from belted materials.

Prevents machine damage and product contamination.

Wear protection for downstream processes, such as crushers or eddy current separators.

Improve product quality and processes, such as sand, gravel, limestone, recyclables, wood products, food, chemicals, mining, rock products, ceramics, paper, plastics, and rubber.

EJET® magnetic pulleys can be produced in varied sizes to meet the requirements of most conveyor system applications.

Our magnetic pulleys are wildly used in various applications like waste recovery, recycling applications, feed & grain, mining, and recovery of valuable stainless steel concentrate.

And use for machinery protection in downstream process steps, such as a shredding stage or eddy current separator of non-ferrous metals.

  • Using for high volume recycling line
  • Used in conjunction with downstream
  • Efficient separation of magnetic materials
  • Require no maintenance
  • Minimal outlay
  • Minimal space
  • Clean your product
  • Make you money


Ejet magnetic rollers are commonly used as head rollers in belt conveyors for the continuous automatic removal of harmful tramp iron from a variety of materials. Tramp iron contaminated material enters the pulley magnetic field, the tramp iron is attracted and held on the belt until it reaches the underside, exits the magnetic field, and is discharged separately. The cleaned, non-magnetic material is discharged over the pulley in a normal trajectory.

Ejet magnetic rollers Principle


The pole system is adjustable so that the application of force can be optimally adjusted for maximum ejection efficiency. As compared to concentric pole systems, the eccentric pole system increases the metal yield by 50%. The service life of the belt and drum shell is considerably lengthened.

The eccentric magnet rotor can be adjusted at various angles compared to the external casing. This influences the moment of discharge of the non-ferrous metals. Since the magnet rotor is placed eccentrically in respect of the external casing, the iron particles cannot become attached to the external casing which would cause burn-in problems.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Prevents machine damage and product contamination
  • Automatic separation of heavy playing card iron from conveyor transport material


The magnetic pulleys can be produced in varied sizes to meet the requirements of most conveyor system applications. Our production is wildly used in various applications like waste recovery, feed & grain, mining, and recycling applications.

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