Permanent Drum Magnet

Magnetic particles are attracted by the drum magnet, whereas nonmagnetic particles follow their flight path determined by inertia and gravity. The attracted material is conveyed by the drum shell to the end of the magnetic field and dropped to the other side of an adjustable splitter.


The key part of the Permanent drum magnetic separator consists of a half moon shaped internal magnetic nucleus (made from either ferrite or NdFeB magnets)The other half-space is totally non-magnetized.

Permanent drum magnet

Permanent drum magnet


external drum from high-quality stainless steel (This not only enhances the Drums performance but also reduces the magnetic fields in the shaft and bearings, helping to extend their service life. ) that revolves on a shaft around the fixed magnetic cores. The magnet attracts magnetic particles that are in the materials. The drum carries the attached metals with it to the bottom of the drum. As drum cover is rotating invariable. There the metals drop off and can be collected and taken away. The magnetic drum can be placed on the output of a conveyor belt or below a hopper (unlike the magnetic pulley the magnetic drum is not an integral part of the

Drum Magnet in housing for ferrous metal separation from beans

Drum Magnet in housing for ferrous metal separation from beans


continuous cleaning/separating system, in which it is not necessary to stop the product flow to remove the magnetic particles.
Maximum Recovery of Ferrous Metals and Minimum Maintenance.

They require minimum space and are simple to operate.

Save money, time and labour by reducing break-down time and improving quality.

Provide utmost protection to  grinders,crushers,pulverizes,and allied equipment.

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