Permanent Magnetic Stirrer

With the working of the permanent magnet could produce alternating magnetic field for stir and mix the non-ferrous metal molten to speed up the melting speed, improve the melting efficiency , lowering the burning loss.

Magentic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper is ideal for quickly and easily picking up dangerous ferrous scrap metals, widely used in the working site of large parking, metallurgy, casting,equipment manufacture,from concrete to asphalt, over shop floors, carpet , street and even gravel and grass .

Electro Lifting Magnet

Powerful electromagnetic lifter widely used in metal working plants for hoist and transport steel chips,scraps,slabs,ingots,and sheets.the products can be installed either on crane or on excavator which can be powered by either generator or factory’s electricity.


As a usually cylindrical or conical revolving screen , used in a variety of applications for screening or sizing such as ASR or other residue like MSW and recovery of valuable minerals from raw rock, ore, or coal.

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter

The magnetic manhole cover lifter allows you to quickly and safely remove or replace heavy steel construction manhole lids or geometry by yourself. Design minimizes strain on back / body and eliminates the use of pry bars.

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Rare earth magnetic lifter widely used for lifting round steel material and steel plate material and searching metal objects in tanks or places that are difficult to access .The metallic particles in oil and other liquid medium can also be separated .

Skip Bin

There are different skip bin for different waste disposal project , are ideal for removing old or broken unwanted material in home Renovation , Industrial Clean Ups , Rubbish Removals,  Transporting Building Materials and Much More.

Vibration Feeder

In bulk material handling, vibratory feeders are used to convey material from one piece of equipment to the next for feeding, sorting and sifting materials evenly and continuously into belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screening and crushing equipment .


In heavy-medium separating system, the ferromagnetic mineral powder can easily form conglomeration with rapid sedimentation and poor stability.Constant Magnetic Field Demagnetize can remarkably slower the medium sedimentation and improve stability.