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Waste bottle recycling system

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EJET Magnet is a key player in PET bottle recycling and has been producing magnetic separation equipment for nearly 20 years. At present, it has provided equipment to plastic recycling companies in China, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, South Korea, Slovenia and other countries.

To meet the requirements of the plastic bottle recycling industry, we offer a wide range of equipment suitable for plastic recycling businesses. We’re here to reinvigorate your plastic bottle recycling process!

Highlighting the standard waste plastic bottle recycling system provided by EJET Magnet

In the plastic bottle recycling process, metal removal is an important step. The following three types of equipment are specially designed for bottle recycling, including automatic multi-bottle sorting machines, iron can sorting equipment, and aluminum can sorting machines. Mainly used to remove metals through the recycling stream process. These technologies are used in conjunction with each other throughout the recycling process to achieve your desired results.

automatic multi bottle sorting machine
iron cans sorting equipment
aluminum cans sorting machine
multi bottle automatic sorting machine tc eddy current separator

EJET MAGNET offers Multi-Bottle Automatic Sorting Machine metal recovery technology

Tri-Can eddy current separator, also called multi-bottle automatic sorting machine. It is the device for PET bottles, aluminum cans, and iron cans separated at the same time automatically.
According to the increasing attention to the beverage bottle and can recycling industry. Our company exclusively designs an eddy current separator for waste beverage bottles that can efficiently automation sort three cans at the same time. To help customers achieve maximize the recycling economic benefits.

With the increasing attention to beverage cans recycling, EJET magnet designed and develped the unique design of eddy current separator for cans. It is first used in Japanese Market, helping to separate aluminum cans, tin cans and plastic bottle at one time by only one machinery instead of with a magnetic separator to save cost. And the separation rate could up reach to 99.8%.

Our standout Tri-Can Eddy Current Separator (TC-ECS) boasts an accuracy rate of 99.8%. The TC-ECS, a unique design in the realm of automatic sorting systems, was created with a laser focus on bottle sorting. It has a strong foundation in our formidable design experience and our mastery of ECS core technology. This machine can separate iron cans, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles simultaneously. This unique eddy current can sorting machine is perfectly tailored for sorting PET, Aluminum, and Iron Cans. Its innovative design and highly efficient separation make it an invaluable asset. This machine eases the process of waste management by sorting a variety of waste materials. Our TC-Eddy Current Separator utilizes a powerful magnetic field to separate non-ferrous materials from waste, offering a highly efficient and economical approach to non-ferrous scrap sorting.

It has strong applicability and is widely used in the bottle recycling field. That means, using only one machine the waste bottles would be perfectly separated into three different materials- PET bottles, Aluminum cans, and Iron cans.

IRON CANS selection equipment

EJET offers Iron Cans Selection Equipment Recovery Tin Iron Cans Technology

Z-series Iron Remover, a powerful iron can separator, comes in various models, guaranteeing 100% iron cans detection. We highly recommend our lightweight overhead suspension iron remover for the plastic bottle recycling sector, due to its excellent performance and reasonable price. Large rotating magnets in the iron remover attract iron cans on the conveyor belt and toss them into a separate storage box. The separated iron cans are collected together and sold to professional recycling companies.

100% Iron Cans Remove

aluminum cans selection machine

EJET offers High-efficiency Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator Recovery Aluminum Cans

After Z type permanent suspended magnet scrap iron remover, the PET recycling system implements an eccentric pole eddy current separator to separate aluminum cans. This star-selling product of EJET magnet reflects the fact that discarded pull-tabs are seen as a valuable resource in the scrap aluminum recycling industry. Their high purity means savings in refining steps and cost reduction. As a bonus, the high purity ensures the high quality of the recycled aluminum, paving the way for its further processing and reuse.

eddy current separator drum magnetic separator remove iron cans aluminum cans

We can design waste bottle recycling for customer

EJET magnet is a key player in PET bottle recycling. To suit the requirements within the bottle recycling sector, we offer a wide variety of equipment catering to plastic recycling businesses.

These include multi-bottle automatic sorting machines, iron can selection equipment, and aluminum can selection machines.

ubc recycling line MRF-materials recovery facility
ubc recycling line MRF-materials recovery facility
ubc recycling line MRF-materials recovery facility customer site show korea

What happens after waste bottles are recycled?

Different materials waste bottles are first sent to recyclers, and then the materials recovery facility(MRF) starts recycling. Such as aluminum cans, steel cans, glass jars, and plastic bottles, are all could sorting into different raw materials.

For instance, aluminum cans turn into new beverage cans, space shuttles, window frames, and so on. Scrap steel cans become rolled products, new steel cans, new bicycles, or new steel beams. Scrap glass jars and bottles become new jars and bottles. Plastic bottles can be made into new plastic bottles, food-grade plastic boxes, and even synthetic fibers clothes.

EJET MAGNET provides the best-suited equipment for handling the waste beverage material you are working with. In this article, we focus on renewable aluminum alloy. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and send us your wishes and requirements. For instance, with different raw materials, different output, and different recycling system specifications. We can provide recycling equipment solutions for Aluminum cans recyclingPET plastic bottles recycling, and glass jars recycling applications to purify different materials of waste bottle products.

Take, for example, Bottle Recycling.

EJET offers the perfect waste bottle recycling for you

We can offer different waste bottle recycling designs to give customers the option. Baled UBC-Super chopper-Handpicking-Overband magnet-Air separator-Eddy current separator-Organics-98% pure aluminum (baled). Bottle processing and cleaning are mainly divided into sorting, crushing, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, sorting, and other steps.

In different recycling industries, bottle recycling facilities have different terminologies such as domestic waste sorting in MSW, material facility recycling in MRF, aluminum can recycling in UBC, glass piece recycling in Glass recycling, and especially plastic bottle recycling in Plastic waste which includes PET, HDPE, PVC, PP…

MSW household refuse bottles recycling process

Customer working site in Japan

The concept of ‘Bottle Recycling’ has sparked considerable enthusiasm within the waste recycling industry. The variety of bottles that we commonly use in daily life is quite remarkable, including but not limited to PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans, and tetra packs.

Application AbbreviationAPPLICATIONSize Range(mm)MAX
MSWMunicipal Solid Waste (unsorted)20-30020t/hr
MSWHousehold Refuse (pre-sorted)50-20010t/hr
MRFMaterial Recovery Facility50-20015t/hr
MRFAl from post-consumer packages20-3003t/hr
UBCUsed Beverage Cans30-2003t/hr
GLASSGlass Cullet (Large)20-5020t/hr
GLASSGlass Cullet (Small)3-3020t/hr
PETPlastic Waste (Bottle)50-3002t/hr
PlasticPlastic Waste (Granulated)3-102t/hr
For different clients’ recycling needs, we offer various recycling solutions!
Glass bottles recycling line
PET Bottles recycling line
tetra packs or drink boxes recycling line
tin cans recycling line
aluminum cans recycling line
ubc bottles recycling process
cans sorter for ubc used beverage cans recycling,separate rate reach to 99.8%

for automatic multi-bottle sorting


for iron cans sorting

Aluminum Can Selection Machines

for aluminum cans sorting

trommel screen used in separation operation to controls the material separation by the particle size, used in mining and recycling plant

for increase bottle recycling rate


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