Used Beverage Cans (UBC) Recycling

MRF-materials recovery facility

MRF-materials recovery facility

Automatical separate in one stream

SG Eddy Current Separator

Vibration feeder for PET Flakes

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Waste bottle recycling system

What happens after waste bottles are recycled?

Different materials waste bottles are first sent to recyclers, and then the materials recovery facility(MRF) starts recycling. Such as aluminum cans, steel cans, glass jars, and plastic bottles, are all could sorting into different raw materials.

For instance, aluminum cans turn into new beverage cans, space shuttles, window frames, and so on. Scrap steel cans become rolled products, new steel cans, new bicycles, or new steel beams. Scrap glass jars and bottles become new jars and bottles. Plastic bottles can be made into new plastic bottles, food-grade plastic boxes, and even synthetic fibers clothes.

EJET MAGNET® provides the best-suited equipment for handling the waste beverage material you are working with. In this article, we focus on renewable aluminum alloy. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and send us your wishes and requirements. For instance, with different raw materials, different output, and different recycling system specifications. We can provide recycling equipment solutions for Aluminum cans recyclingPET plastic bottles recycling, and glass jars recycling applications to purify different materials of waste bottle products.

Take, for example, aluminum cans recycling.

We can design waste bottle recycling for customer

EJET MAGNET offers metal recovery technology-SG Eddy Current Separator

EJET® SG Eddy Current Separator is one of the unique designs of automatic sorting systems. Using EJET® SGECS to separate different materials from waste bottles, like Plastic bottles, Iron cans, and Aluminium cans. Especially for Bottle Sorting/Cans recycling. It is the device for PET bottles, aluminum cans, and iron cans separated at the same time automatically. Non-ferrous metals, iron, and other materials can be sorted at the same time. It has strong applicability and is widely used in the bottle recycling field. Click left video

It has strong applicability. That means, using only one machine the waste bottles would be perfectly separated into three different materials- PET bottles, Aluminum cans, and Iron cans.

SG eddy current separator can sort (aluminum cans, tin cans, plastic bottles)
According to the increasing attention to the beverage bottle and can recycling industry. Our company exclusively designs an eddy current separator for waste beverage bottles that can efficiently automation sort three cans at the same time. To help customers achieve maximize the recycling economic benefits.

EJET also offers the perfect waste bottle recycling for you

We can offer different waste bottle recycling designs to give customers the option. Baled UBC-Super chopper-Handpicking-Overband magnet-Air separator-Eddy current separator-Organics-98% pure aluminum (baled). Bottle processing and cleaning are mainly divided into sorting, crushing, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, sorting, and other steps.

In fact, EJET magnet not only designs SG eddy current separator for waste bottle recycling. We also conquered another compact, resource-saving and highly profitable sorting solution- PET plastic recycling.

It is a high quality PET recyclates recycling process, for the bottle-to-bottle application.

PET recycling system

The EJET® PET recycling system process is based on the combination of our technology and equipment. Integrate 18 years of experience and continuously innovative equipment and technologies to a perfect solution.
To achieve the best sorting effect, we provide different recycling (waste bottle recycling, PET flake recycling, glass jars recycling) to customers with different quality levels of high-efficiency sorting solutions. Contain EJET Concentric ECS, EJET Eccentric ECS, EJET drum magnet,  EJET suspension magnet, Drawer magnet, Grate magnet, Magnetic bar and EJET Induction sorting system for waste bottle recycling.

To achieve the best sorting effect, we provide different recycling (waste bottle recycling, PET flake recycling,  glass jars recycling) to customers with different quality levels of high-efficiency sorting solutions.

For technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aluminum recycle system

COLLECTION is an important step for aluminum recycling

The same as other non-ferrous metal scraps, the aluminum can resource cycle, only aluminum beverage can scrap collect together can be called RESOURCE. In the other words, for the waste aluminum beverage can recycling industry, the collection is more important than melting methods.

Aluminum recycling benefits society, the economy, and the environment

Most large aluminum companies need to recycle used beverage cans, ZORBA, and end-of-life vehicles as raw materials. The reason is aluminum resource cycle is not only beneficial to society but also to the economy.

The reason is that recycling aluminum is cheaper than mining bauxite and refining it for aluminum. Most worthy of mention is the issue of electricity consumption reduction. For per ton of aluminum, primary aluminum use up to 15500 kWh/t, but recycled aluminum only needs 800kWh/t. Compare with the electrolytic primary aluminum, using recycled aluminum will save 95% energy per ton. In the long run, saving bauxite resources means reducing CO2 and toxic emissions. It is beneficial to the environment.

Because of aluminum’s metallic properties, it can be a metal that can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality.

The recycling of aluminum scrap from three important areas, packages, vehicles, and construction. Among them, end-of-life vehicles and aluminum beverage cans are two important areas. Finally, aluminum scrap winds up becoming a wide variety of new products. Such as use for Window frames, aluminum tableware, bicycles, airplane parts, motorcycles, pharmaceutical/food aluminum foils, beverage cans, space shuttle, computers, etc.

SG eddy current-separator sorting three kinds of materials

SG Eddy Current Separator separates 

(Plastic bottles/Iron cans/Aluminum cans)

Permanent Overband Magnet
High Intensity Separation Conveyor
Concentric Pole Eddy Current Separator
SG Eddy Current Separator


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