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WEEE E-Scrap

Electronic Waste Recycling (WEEE)

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WEEE (E-waste ) is widely known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, also called E-SCRAP RECYCLING.

E-waste recycling has become one of the fastest growing waste in the 21st century. Due to the special nature of electronic waste, it is very important how to handle it properly. Ejet magnet has been working hard to develop magnetic separation equipment for processing and recycling discarded electronic products. From saving resources, achieve recycling and reuse of renewable resources, the concept of circular economy deals with electronic waste.

EJET MAGNET® provides customization, effective, innovative, simple, and highly-efficient solutions for E-waste to meet different customers’ needs. Therefore, we reached a number of customers’ trust and orders in the field of E-waste, appliance recycling, etc.

Among the 109 fixed-point home appliance dismantle and recycling enterprises in China.

We create brilliantly in the field of environmental protection concepts, 65 of 109 appliance recycling enterprises use our equipment.

Such as EJET MAGNET® eddy current separator, EJET MAGNET® suspended permanent magnetic separator, EJET MAGNET® HISC, etc.

Why is it important to recycle E-waste?

E-waste recycling benefits society, the economy, and the environment

“E-waste” is also known as “Digital rubbish”. It is not fictitious data rubbish but real waste, even the most electronic waste contains some toxic materials. Not only contaminate land when E-waste gets buried in the landfill. But also contaminate groundwater. Go so far as to earth ecological environment worsen.  Although users decisively throw used or unwanted electronic products away, they are not wasted at all. More and more electronic recyclers notice its worth.

Total recovery of electronic waste

In fact, all electronic waste contains recyclable materials, such as plastic, glass, and metals. Especially contain valuable precious and rare metals like silver, copper, iron, tin, gold, palladium, etc. According to the characteristics of metals, organic and inorganic substances, adopt different recovery measures.

①Metal recycling
The use of EJETMAGNET® eccentric pole eddy current separator gets clean no-ferrous scraps. Also with the help of EJETMAGNET® suspension magnet and EJETMAGNET® dry drum magnet get clean ferrous scraps.

②Organic (plastic ) materials recycling
The most waste electronic materials are plastics (both thermoplastics and thermosets). Thermoplastics can be recycled through the process of thermal melting and remolding; thermosets can be processed by pyrolysis and other methods.

③Inorganic materials recycling
Glass also is the main E-waste material. (include cone glass and video glass). Can use the melting method to recover the glass components. The other components that cannot be recycled, are mainly landfill and incineration. But the finally recycled E-waste materials are basically in a controlled range.

The electronic recyclers recycle waste electronic equipment and classification. Such as electronics green board recycling center, waste printed circuit board recycling center(PCD), hard drive recycling center, home appliances recycling center, and so on. This process is simple, the same as domestic garbage.

What is recyclable electronic material?

Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator

Non – ferrous metal recovery equipment with eccentric high – speed magnetic roller for fine copper and aluminum recovery.

Permanent Overband Magnet

Permanent Overband Magnets are designed with a continuously running belt to tramp and automatically remove ferrous metal from conveyed material

high intensity separation conveyor

Used for selecting weakly magnetic minerals, removing iron from non-metallic materials, and improving the purity of materials.


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