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X-ray Sorting System For Metal

EJET’s X-ray Sorting System for scrap industry, a sensor-based sorting solution revolutionizing metal sorting and recycling processes.

Leveraging powerful precision X-ray sorting technology, it effectively separates aluminum from heavy metals, offering an ideal solution for upgrading aluminum in the scrap industry.
X-ray Sorter often used in conjunction with eddy current separators (ECS), it facilitates the recovery of non-ferrous metals like copper, zinc, and lead that may not be easily detected by eddy current separator.

With exceptional operational efficiency, our system offers multiple models to accommodate different processing capacities, with a maximum feed rate of up to 10t.

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Introducing the EJET cutting-edge X-ray Sorting System for Metal, a revolutionary solution that redefines precision in metal sorting and recycling. This advanced technology offers a comprehensive approach to metal recovery, ensuring maximized metal recovery, efficiency, and sustainability.


EJET X-ray sorting system uses x-ray fluorescence to detect and sort, so therefore based on the elemental composition of the sortable material.

The belt operates at high speed to transport materials and miscellaneous materials. After X-ray data collection, it is transmitted to the air knife nozzle to spray out the required materials.

x-ray sorter for metal recycling principle


X-Ray Sorter transmitter source placed       X-Ray Sorter paneumatic rejecter valves                    EJET X-Ray Sorter radiation control unit

Software Algorithm Advantages

Unique graphics processing algorithm
By calculating the density and component content of objects, combined with graphic acceleration processing technology and big data analysis, our system identifies and processes complex materials efficiently. It boasts fast recognition speed and high accuracy, achieving a recognition rate of over 99.9%

Multi-channel and real-time self-adaptation
The multi-channel design ensures high sorting accuracy and effectiveness even during peak material influx. It efficiently handles large volumes of incoming material without compromising sorting precision, even when dealing with material overflow.

Memory storage of multiple material modes
The system features memory capability to store parameters of various materials. Through customized storage, relevant sorting parameters are saved, facilitating one-click processing for subsequent material replacements, and enabling functions for addition, deletion, and modification.

Efficient Particle Ejeted

Precision detector calibration technology with turbine scroll adjustment ensures accurate ray positioning and uniform energy acquisition for higher recognition rates. Detector pixel units utilize 16-bit numerical storage, affecting recognition algorithm accuracy. Our custom injection system guarantees stable air pressure and consistent particle size.

Security Advantage

The conventional safety standard is less than 1uSv at 300mm away from the outer contour of the host, and Ejet standard can be less than 1uSv at a distance of 10mm, effectively ensuring personal safety.

Main Components Quality Advantages

Solenoid valve: American Mac brand
Detector chip: Japanese import
Belt: High-quality PU material
Reduction motor: SEW brand

After-sales Service Advantages

Warranty period of two years
7*24 hours service
Free database update

Typical Applications

Interested in learning more about our X-ray sorting machine? Or perhaps discussing your recycling needs?
Feel free to contact us, our expert team is ready to assist you!

mining separation technology sensor sorter

Mining and Smelting
Ensure mined ores are sorted accurately for refining processes, improving the overall metal extraction yield.

X-Ray Sorter remove zine from metal recycling plant

Metal Recycling Plants
Enhance the efficiency of metal recycling operations by obtaining purer, high-quality metals for resale or further processing.

X-Ray Sorter for electronic waste recycling

Electronic Waste Recycling
Separate valuable metals from electronic scrap, such as circuit boards, connectors, and wires, promoting sustainable e-waste recycling.

Specification of X-ray sorter — Download



x-ray sorting system Description Structure and Specifications

Specification of X-ray sorter — Downlooad
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The EJETMAGNET X-ray Sorting Machine: Transforming Metal Recycling

The X-ray Sorting System for Metal marks a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of metal recycling and sorting technology. This innovative solution guarantees exceptional recovery rates, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. Its customizable and versatile features are tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of various industries, significantly contributing to environmental conservation and resource optimization. Embrace this cutting-edge solution to revolutionize your metal sorting processes.


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