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Scrap Aluminum recycling

In recent years, global production of recycled aluminum has been growing.

The aircraft industry, the automotive industry, trains, rail vehicles, telecommunications and the construction industry all require large quantities of aluminum.

The high price of non-ferrous metals forces many city managers to keep reminding consumers to recycle aluminum. Urging them to collect used AL cans and sell them to recycling centers. It is rather than throwing them away.

The current, recycle aluminum is facing a critical period.

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Especially used in aluminum profiles, Taint tabor (mix aluminum, sheets, tubes, profiles, etc), aluminum UBC, Aluminium tense, and Brass scrap recycling.

In the future, the aluminum alloy products will develop from cast to deformed.

Aluminum effectively recycled and utilized process:

Refers to the sorting and dismantling of aluminum scrap according to the level of aluminum content composition of the grade of aluminum scrap, differentiated classification recycling, so that the alloy composition of the maximum use, in the subdivision process, developed countries use special equipment when sorting scraps, such as the use of gravity sorting and magnetic separation.

For example,

the process of dismantling a car after scrapping is as follows:

End-of-life car in → Briquetting → Slicing→ Crushing → Magnetic separation → Sorting (weight method) → Classification and utilization or sales.

All substances, including rubber, plastic, oil and paint are effectively recycled and utilized, and the comprehensive utilization rate can reach more than 95%.

According to the global average, the aluminum scrap recycling rate in construction is the highest industry.

  • The aluminum scrap recovery rate during building demolition is as high as 98%
  • The recycling rate for automotive aluminum scrap is also high and can reach 95%
  • Aluminum beverage cans are recycled at an average rate of 63%
  • The recycling rate for remelted aluminum foil is 70%

ZORBA Scrap Recycling

Process Line For Aluminium Scrap / Zorba Recycling Line

Zorba Processing Line At Client’s Plant

Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator

Non – ferrous metal recovery equipment with eccentric high – speed magnetic roller for fine copper and aluminum recovery.

Permanent Overband Magnet

Permanent Overband Magnets are designed with a continuously running belt to tramp and automatically remove ferrous metal from conveyed material