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EJET MAGNET®-Your trusted ZORBA Scrap Recycling equipment manufacture

The current, recycle aluminum is facing a critical period.

Ejet® is very familiar with ZORBA Recycling and separation systems for the various recycling industry. We have experience in building the best separation line. Above all, we always focused on magnetic equipment quality used in various streams and focused on our customers’ needs.

Whether you are recycling the aluminum scrap recovery during building demolition, whether you work in an Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), Municipal Solid Waste(MSW), Incineration Bottom Ash(IBA), the remelted aluminum foil, or used aluminum beverage cans (UBC). We can provide recycling equipment solutions for your unique recycling application to purify your secondary raw materials. Ejet® available solutions for small and big ZORBA recycling solutions. We have been dealing with the construction of machines for bulk material handling.

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Using eddy current separator and magnetic separator to recover non-ferrous metals and ferrous. Helping aluminum manufacturers purity recovered aluminum (recycled aluminum).

Detailed equipment lists for your requirements

Ferrous (remove iron)

Firstly, separate iron from recycling processes. Permanent Drum Magnet, Electro Drum Magnet, Permanent Overband Magnet, and Block Magnet are designed to continuously and automatically remove ferrous metal from material flow.

Non-ferrous (recovering aluminum)

In the secondary raw materials, scrap is non-ferrous, mainly including aluminum but also contains some other non-ferrous. We sort the non-ferrous product flow using a non-ferrous metal separator eddy current separator.

How to effectively recycle and utilize aluminum?

Refers to the sorting and dismantling of aluminum scrap according to the level of aluminum content composition of the grade of aluminum scrap, differentiated classification recycling, so that the alloy composition of the maximum use, in the subdivision process, developed countries use special equipment when sorting scraps, such as the use of gravity sorting and magnetic separation.

For example, the process of dismantling a car after scrapping is as follows:

End-of-life car in → Briquetting → Slicing→ Crushing → Magnetic separation → Sorting (weight method) → Classification and utilization or sales. All substances, including rubber, plastic, oil, and paint are effectively recycled and utilized, and the comprehensive utilization rate can reach more than 95%.

The aluminum scrap recycling rate in other industries is: the aluminum scrap recovery rate during building demolition is as high as 98%, the recycling rate for automotive aluminum scrap is also high and can reach 95%, aluminum beverage cans are recycled at an average rate of 63%, the recycling rate for remelted aluminum foil is 70%

In the future, aluminum alloy products will develop from cast to deformed.

ZORBA recycling is the most profitable items

In recent years, global production of secondary aluminum has been growing. The reason is, on the one hand, because of the versatility of aluminum, as well as its availability. Aluminum can be a metal that can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality –can be 100% recycled. The aircraft industry, automotive industry, trains, rail vehicles, telecommunications, and construction industry all require large quantities of aluminum. On the other hand, recycling aluminum is cheaper than mining bauxite and refining it for aluminum.

Zorba is the key to renewable aluminum supply

What is ZORBA?

ZORBA is a mixed non-ferrous metal. Mainly including aluminum but also contain some other non-ferrous, like copper, stainless steel, tin, zinc, lead, and magnesium.

Where does ZORBA come from?

The recycling of aluminum scrap from three important areas, packages, vehicles, and construction. Among them, end-of-life vehicles and aluminum beverage cans are two important areas. Finally, aluminum scrap winds up becoming a wide variety of new products. Such as use for food cans, soda cans, beverage cans, aluminum tableware, window frames, siding, gutters, bicycles, motorcycles, pharmaceutical/food aluminum foils, computers, airplane parts, and even space shuttle, etc.
Most worthy of mention, Aluminum is a major part of automobiles, refrigerators and washing machines, etc. Developed countries have a more complete recycling system and perfect recycling regulations for aluminum scrap.

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