Ejet® is very familiar with Recycling and separation systems for the various recycling industry. We have a lot of experience in putting types of equipment together and building the best separation line.

Above all, Ejet magnet always focused on magnetic equipment quality used in various streams and focused on our customers’ needs.

Whether you are recycling PET/Plastic or GLASS, whether you work in an Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), Municipal Solid Waste(MSW), Incineration Bottom Ash(IBA), or Construction & Demolition Waste(C&D), whether you are handling iron, stainless steel or non-ferrous, insulated copper wire.

Ejet can provide recycling equipment solutions for your unique recycling application to purify your product or protect your equipment.

Ejet available solutions for small and big recycling solutions. We have been dealing with the construction of machines for bulk material handling.

  • We are factory and be able to give you the best price with good quality.

  • Provide comprehensive solutions that emphasize safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • Pride ourselves on working closely with customers to develop custom equipment that fits their needs perfectly.

  • Use the highest quality equipment.

  • Manufacture our products strictly according to national and international standards.

  • Always do a trial run on every machine as a final inspection before shipment.

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We will provide the best-suited equipment for handling the material you are working with

  • Please provide us with your wishes and specifications. For instance, with different raw materials, different output, and different voltage requirements.

  • Then we will reply to you within 12 hours, not only give you substantiated advice but also provide the right machine for you to choose.

EJET MAGNET® professtional serves metal and scrap automobile shredder residue asr recycling industries
EJET MAGNET® professtional IBA Incineration Bottom Ash wet process incinerator bottom ash for metal recycling and scrap recycling industries
EJET MAGNET® professtional Ejet magnet provides different recycling (waste bottle recycling, PET flake recycling ) customers with different quality levels of PET high-efficiency sorting solutions.
EJET MAGNET® professtional Your trusted Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipmentrecycling equipment manufacture
EJET MAGNET® professtional metal recovery technology for waste glass recycling
C&D Construction and Demolition waste recycling
zorba scrap recycling aluminum metal Sorting of non-ferrous metals
municipal solid waste MSW
Mining & Minerals Processing